Sunday, May 10, 2015

Legalist: A Poetic Exploration of a Dangerous Ideology

by: Janice Kaye

You’re free, he said, and snapped the shackles on.
You see, he said, your debt is paid; your sin is gone.
And now, there’s only one thing you must do:
Endure these chains, and thus maintain his love for you.

Our master is a kindly one, he said
His employ isn’t something you can earn; it’s just a gift instead.
But his affection, that’s a different thing:
It’s only for the few who keep the rules for following.

Sure, he already suffered for your gain;
Willingly laid down his life, imbibed your pain.
But gratitude demands you languish, too
And thus allay the payment he so freely made for you.

You’re not his servant, really, but his son  
Accepted irrevocably; it cannot be undone  
But still he’ll snub you if you slip or fail
By messing up the way you sing or how you wear your hair.

Of course, his yoke is easy, and his burden light
Just trust him with your all; he’ll make your days be sunny, bright
But, God forbid you stumble on the way;
Cause then he’ll turn his face and make you pay.

No matter that he bids you rest in grace!
It doesn’t really mean to rest: it means pick up the pace
Create a testimony that will brightly glow
To hide the weak, dependent soul his loving light would show.

Yes, gaze on him, but watch yourself – beware
Of losing sight of regulation in the beauty of his care.
His liberation merits strictest gratitude, most cautious song;
After all, you’re free, he said, and snapped the shackles on. 

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